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 National Neurotrauma Society

 Current Topics in TBI 

  Wednesday speaker series 
 Zoom ID: 86151520632 pw: TBI 
 8pm GMT / 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT

Hosted by: @BachstetterLab @davidjloane @Morganti_Lab


Zoom Link: https://uky.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_sMprVh7vQh6pq5BnUH-Vjw

The password for the meeting is: TBI

Talks will be posted on the YouTube - search for: Current Topics in TBI (at the speaker's discretion, for a limited time) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7g8qk0uFJIuSZu6M8-G-dQ

Upcoming talks:

Date Speaker Affiliation Tile of Talk
02/17/2021 Ann McKee Boston University School Medicine CTE: Status of the Literature
02/24/2021 Bret Smith University of Kentucky Modeling cellular mechanisms of posttraumatic epileptogenesis
03/03/2021 Jimmy W. Huh Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Head of bed elevation in pediatric patients with severe TBI at risk for elevated intracranial pressure
03/10/2021 Regina Armstrong USUHS Genetic inactivation of SARM1 axon death pathway improves late stage outcomes across subcellular to neuroimaging measures of white matter pathology and ameliorates motor and sleep deficits after experimental traumatic brain injury
03/17/2021 Bevan Main | Rebecca Henry Georgetown University | University of Maryland Baltimore Repetitive head impacts induce synaptic changes and drive chronic cognitive impairment: Relevance to CTE? | Investigation of the effects of pre-existing metabolic dysfunction on neurological outcomes following TBI
03/24/2021 Jenna Ziebell University of Tasmania TBC
03/31/2021 Eleni Moschonas | Rida Rehman University of Pittsburgh | Ulm University Eleni_TBC | Large-scale signaling architecture in Blunt TBI at translationally effective time point to identify therapeutic targets

Speaker List: https://bit.ly/TBIspeakerslist