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You are Invited to Join the National Neurotrauma Society!

Qualified candidates are encouraged to join the National Neurotrauma Society. Below is pricing information on Annual Membership. Please note that Annual Membership runs from January 01 thru December 31.

WHY should I join?
The NNS is committed to the promotion of neurotrauma research by enhancing communications, providing a forum, and increasing support on the National and International level.

Regular communication on research and opportunities within the field through:
  • Opportunity to serve on committees and Council
  • On-line subscription to the Journal of Neurotrauma
  • Updates on the activities of the Society and important meetings in the field
  • Information on funding sources, research and educational opportunities in the field
  • Waived fees for job postings
  • A vote on NNS business matters and elections
  • Ability to submit scientific session proposals for the NNS Symposium
Enhanced networking with other experts in the field through:
  • Reduced registration fees to attend the Annual Symposium
  • Eligibility for NNS research and travel awards
  • Search abstract archive
New in 2021, Member-only Access to:
  • Virtual networking events – free attendance
  • Access to members exclusive social networking and scientific discussion groups
  • Archives of NNS sponsored virtual events
  • Access to exclusive members-only directory
Training Education and Mentoring (TEAM) membership (Dues $35/$10)
All career stages welcome!
  • Access to the personalized mentorship program
  • Eligible for the Visiting International Scholar Award (VISA)

2021 Dues Pricing:
  • Standard Membership (January – December 2021) - $235
    Includes On-line access to the Journal of Neurotrauma including past 40 years.

  • Undergraduate Membership - $30
  • Graduate / Medical Student Membership - $50
  • Postdoc / Fellow / Residents Membershipi - $75
    Includes On-line access to the Journal of Neurotrauma including past 40 years.
  • Note: Student/Postdoctoral Fellow/Resident category is available to those who are (1) enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at a degree-granting institution of higher learning; or (2) have obtained their doctoral degree and are currently working in a postdoctoral trainee program; or (3) are currently enrolled in post-graduate or nursing training programs or are currently employed as nurses. Proof of status will be required.

Add-on Options:
  • TEAM - $35-Regular Member / $10-Student Member
    Membership as a Regular or Student Member is required

  • Hard-copy Journal (mail delivery) - $169 (within the US) / $236 (International)
    Includes 24 issues of the Journal of Neurotrauma during 2020

Click here to sign in and apply for a membership

You will be asked to setup an NNS account if you do not yet have one.

NNS Membership Committee 2020
Olga Kokiko-Cochran Corina Bondi
Olga Kokiko-Cochran Corina Bondi

Audrey Lafrenaye Theresa Thomas Ken Curley
Audrey Lafrenaye Theresa Thomas Ken Curley

Membership Questions?

Sheilah Jewart
Phone: (386) 433-4022
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to your participation in the National Neurotrauma Society.