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Data Blitz 2016


The Abstract Committee has selected 25 abstracts from all submissions to be presented orally during the Data Blitz session on Monday, June 27 at 11:00 am.  

Please note that authors whose abstracts are selected for oral presentation will also present a poster.

The submissions selected for oral presentation at the 2016 Data Blitz Session are:

Order Presenter Title
DB01-01 Brian Edlow Longitudinal changes in cortical network connectivity after recovery from traumatic coma
DB01-02 Molly Hubbard Sport Concussion Assessment Tool-3rd Edition: Utility to Diagnose Concussion in General Population
DB01-03 Andrew Bankston Autophagy regulates the final stages of CNS myelination
DB01-04 Fernando Gomez-Pinilla Enhancing brain metabolism to restore functional connectivity and plasticity after TBI
DB01-05 Lorre Atlan Network Analysis of event-related potentials after mild brain injury
DB01-06 Matthew Budde Double Diffusion Encoding Spectroscopy to Detect Spinal Cord Injury
DB01-07 Mikulas Chavko N-acetylcysteine Amide Ammeliorates Blast-Induced Changes in Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity and Intracranial Pressure in Rats
DB01-08 Christine MacDonald Factors Influencing GOS-E Disability Outcome Following Combat Concussive TBI
DB01-09 Jordan Brooks TEAM-TBI: a monitored multiple interventional TBI research trial
DB01-10 Nai-Kui Liu Inhibition of cytosolic phospholipid A2 decreases neuronal death after traumatic brain injury 
DB01-11 Mabel Terminel Morphine Undermines Recovery Following SCI via a KOR-mediated Mechanism
DB01-12 Milos Ikonomovic Therapeutic effects of memantine hydrochloride after brain trauma in humanized amyloid-beta mice
DB01-13 Timothy Meier Altered resting state functional connectivity in football players is associated with neuroactive kynurenine pathway metabolites
DB01-14 Alpa Trivedi Molecular pathway analysis of activated neutrophils and their role in long-term cognitive recovery after pediatric brain injury
DB01-15 Rao Gullapalli Regional brain atrophy following mild TBI is associated with post concussive symptoms at 6 months
DB01-16 Kian Merchant-Borna Longitudinal tau concentrations in sweat following sport-related concussion: A pilot study
DB01-17 Asla Pitkanen Analysis of Post-TBI Gene Expression Signature Reveals Tubulins, NFE2L2, NFkB, CD44, and S100A4 as Treatment Targets for TBI
DB01-18 Akinwunmi Oni-Orisan Network Analysis of Resting State Functional Brain Connectivity in Spinal Cord Injury
DB01-19 Vijayalakshmi Santhakumar Early increase in neurogenesis after brain injury precipitates long-term decline in neurogenic potential
DB01-20 Andrew Sauerbeck Characterization of a novel closed head model of diffuse traumatic brain injury
DB01-21 Timothy Van Meter A Panel of Three Serum Biomarkers Accurately Identifies Brain Injured Patients 
DB01-22 Regina Armstrong Myelin Plasticity Supports Recovery of Nerve Conduction Velocity After Experimental TBI 
DB01-23 David Titus Selective Allosteric Modulation of PDE4D Reverses Chronic Memory Deficits Following Traumatic Brain Injury
DB01-24 Chia-Yi Kuan Osteopontin as a blood biomarker in traumatic brain injury and hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy 
DB01-25 Lisa McKerracher Self-delivering RNA to evaluate PTEN as a therapeutic target to promote axon regeneration