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Posters by Author Last Name

Please note your final assignments below.  Kiosk locations are in Thoroughbred Ballroom & Thoroughbred Foyer.

Each kiosk is numbered, with the letters a, b and c indicating on which of the 3 sides your poster should be mounted.

Posters are grouped by category on each day, so similar topic posters will be in the same area.

ID# Last name First name Poster # Kiosk # Displayed Poster category
10205 Abutarboush Rania T01-06 2c Both Days Blast
10267 Aceves Miriam T01-09 3c Both Days Inflammation / Immune Function
10249 Acosta Glen Howel PSB-208 19b Tuesday Blast
10198 Ahmad Faiz PSB-353 67c Tuesday Imaging
10207 Ahuja Christopher T01-17 6b Both Days Stem Cells
10197 Alay Eren PSA-031 18c Monday Blast
10398 AlAzri Ahmed PSA-114 46a Monday Intracranial Pressure
10221 Albuja Ana PSA-085 36c Monday Exercise
10193 Allende Labastida Javier PSA-073 32c Monday Concussion / mTBI
10357 Alshareef Ahmed T01-19 7a Both Days Biomechanics
10163 Ammassam Veettil Remya PSB-329 59c Tuesday Regeneration & Plasticity
10013 Armstead William PSA-043 22c Monday Cerebral Blood Flow
10177 Armstrong Regina PSA-007 11a Monday Axonal Injury
10180 Armstrong Regina PSA-074 33a Monday Concussion / mTBI
10179 Armstrong Regina PSA-173 65c Monday Transplantation
10239 Arnaud Francoise PSA-029 18a Monday Blast
10169 Arun Peethambaran PSB-212 20c Tuesday Blast
10181 Atlan Lorre PSA-071 32a Monday Concussion / mTBI
10289 Avcu Pelin PSA-077 34a Monday Depression
10251 Badner Anna T01-18 6c Both Days Neuroprotection
10340 Bankston Andrew PSA-176 66c Monday White Matter
10343 Bartnik Olson Brenda PSA-055 26c Monday Concussion / mTBI
10339 Barton David PSB-258 36a Tuesday Endocrine 
10075 BARTSCH ADAM PSA-062 29a Monday Concussion / mTBI
10293 Basso D. Michele PSA-106 43b Monday Inflammation / Immune Function
10201 Beattie Michael PSB-296 48c Tuesday Neurocritical Care
10258 Bergold Peter PSB-351 67a Tuesday White Matter
10350 Bernert Silke PSA-155 59c Monday Rehabilitation
10311 Besecker Emily PSA-150 58a Monday Receptor Mediated / Signaling
10400 Bharadwaj Vimala PSA-037 20c Monday Blood Brain Barrier
10342 Bhomia Manish PSA-017 14b Monday Biomarker
10186 Bishop Elizabeth T01-20 7b Both Days Neurogenesis
10149 Bolding Ian PSB-346 65b Tuesday Therapeutics / Drug Discovery
10250 Bolton Hall Amanda PSB-244 31b Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10294 Boone Debbie PSB-263 37c Tuesday Gene Expression
10315 Boutte Angela PSB-185 11c Tuesday Ballistic Injury
10309 Boutte Angela PSB-198 16a Tuesday Biomarker
10162 Bowers Zackary PSB-313 54b Tuesday Neuroprotection
10122 Brabazon Fiona PSA-112 45b Monday Inflammation / Immune Function
10229 Brady Rhys PSA-133 52b Monday Neuropathology
10044 Bragin Denis PSA-042 22b Monday Cerebral Blood Flow
10045 Bragin Denis PSB-218 22c Tuesday Cerebral Blood Flow
10345 Brakel Kiralyn PSB-253 34b Tuesday Depression
10232 Bramlett Helen PSA-142 55b Monday Neuroprotection
10312 Brelsfoard Jennifer PSA-069 31b Monday Concussion / mTBI
10417 Brooks Jordan PSA-072 32b Monday Concussion / mTBI
10351 Brown Daniel PSA-041 22a Monday Cell Death
10285 Browne Kevin PSB-295 48b Tuesday Microglia
10299 Browning Jenny PSA-145 56b Monday Neuroprotection
10141 Browning Jenny PSB-250 33b Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10137 Brumley Melissa PSB-266 38c Tuesday Hemorrhage
10404 Budde Matthew PSA-096 40b Monday Imaging
10376 Burrell Justin T01-13 5a Both Days Regeneration & Plasticity
10018 Byrnes Kimberly PSB-261 37a Tuesday Free Radicals
10255 Caprelli Mitchell PSA-135 53a Monday Neuropathology
10128 Carlson Shaun PSB-340 63b Tuesday Synaptic Function
10088 Carlson Shaun T01-15 5c Both Days Behavioral Function
10215 Carpio Jeffrey PSB-256 35b Tuesday Electophysiology
10152 Carr Walter PSB-240 30a Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10183 Caudle Krista PSB-321 57a Tuesday Neuroprotection
10025 Chang Peter PSB-221 23c Tuesday Cervical
10252 Chao Honglu PSA-039 21b Monday Cell Death
10394 Chavko Mikulas PSB-290 46c Tuesday Intracranial Pressure
10172 Chio Jonathon PSB-287 45c Tuesday Inflammation / Immune Function
10085 Citron Bruce PSB-203 17c Tuesday Blast
10395 Conti Alana PSB-341 63c Tuesday Synaptic Function
10157 Costine Beth PSA-153 59a Monday Regeneration & Plasticity
10265 Cota Martin PSB-227 25c Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10317 Cox David PSB-315 55a Tuesday Neuroprotection
10322 Darrow David PSA-126 50a Monday Neurocritical Care
10108 De la Tremblaye Patricia PSA-049 24c Monday Cognition / Learning / Memory
10038 DeDominicis Kristen PSA-009 11c Monday Ballistic Injury
10054 DeDominicis Kristen PSA-010 12a Monday Ballistic Injury
10052 DeDominicis Kristen PSA-075 33b Monday Concussion / mTBI
10381 DeMar James PSB-211 20b Tuesday Blast
10028 Deng-Bryant Ying PSA-117 47a Monday Metabolism / Energetics
10219 Dengler Bradley PSA-127 50b Monday Neurocritical Care
10233 Dietrich W. Dalton PSB-317 55c Tuesday Neuroprotection
10259 Dixon C. Edward PSA-015 13c Monday Behavioral Function
10248 Dixon C. Edward PSB-190 13b Tuesday Behavioral Function
10079 Dolle Jean-Pierre PSB-182 10c Tuesday Axonal Injury
10092 Duhaime Ann-Christine PSB-271 40b Tuesday Imaging
10378 Echeverri Raul PSA-121 48b Monday Neurocritical Care
10195 Edlow Brian PSA-094 39c Monday Axonal Injury
10270 Edlow Brian PSB-255 35a Tuesday Electophysiology
10307 Eldahan Khalid PSA-154 59b Monday Regeneration & Plasticity
10023 Espinosa Claudia PSA-118 47b Monday Microglia
10227 Falk Hayley PSA-054 26b Monday Concussion / mTBI
10171 Fehlings Michael PSA-122 48c Monday Neurocritical Care
10168 Fehlings Michael PSA-123 49a Monday Neurocritical Care
10284 Fehlings Michael PSA-171 65a Monday Therapeutics / Drug Discovery
10164 Fehlings Michael PSB-298 49b Tuesday Neurocritical Care
10094 Finan John D. PSB-201 17a Tuesday Biomechanics
10024 Fischer Tara PSB-310 53b Tuesday Neuropathology
10196 Fiskum Gary PSA-034 19c Monday Blast
10375 Fyans Alex PSA-164 62c Monday Synaptic Function
10414 Gandy Sam PSA-046 23c Monday Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
10071 Gangolli Mihika T01-22 8a Both Days Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
10313 Geddes Jim PSA-108 44a Monday Inflammation / Immune Function
10276 Giordano Katherine PSA-052 25c Monday Concussion / mTBI
10083 Glavaski-Joksimovic Aleksandra PSB-214 21b Tuesday Cell Death
10114 Glueck Amanda PSB-205 18b Tuesday Blast
10278 Glushakov Alexander PSB-267 39a Tuesday Hemorrhage
10415 Gomez-Pinilla Fernando PSA-020 15a Monday Biomarker
10416 Gomez-Pinilla Fernando PSB-260 36c Tuesday Exercise
10212 Goodman Clay PSB-307 52b Tuesday Neuropathology
10170 Greco Tiffany PSA-116 46c Monday Metabolism / Energetics
10353 Griffin Allison PSA-132 52a Monday Neuropathology
10330 Grovola Michael R. PSB-247 32b Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10367 Gullapalli Rao PSA-006 10c Monday Axonal Injury
10407 Gullapalli Rao PSA-008 11b Monday Ballistic Injury
10409 Gullapalli Rao PSB-277 42b Tuesday Imaging
10026 Gump William PSA-090 38b Monday Hemorrhage
10192 Gupta Rajiv PSA-175 66b Monday White Matter
10182 Gupta Rajiv PSB-265 38b Tuesday Hemorrhage
10103 Guptarak Jutatip PSA-111 45a Monday Inflammation / Immune Function
10356 Gutova Margarita PSA-163 62b Monday Stem Cells
10041 Haber Margalit PSB-270 40a Tuesday Imaging
10033 Hachem Laureen PSB-339 63a Tuesday Stem Cells
10363 Haghighi Fatemeh PSB-183 11a Tuesday Ballistic Injury
10059 Han Kihwan PSA-158 60c Monday Rehabilitation
10390 Haque Ashraful PSB-334 61b Tuesday Secondary Injury
10135 Harman Kathryn PSB-332 60c Tuesday Rehabilitation
10362 Harris Neil PSB-275 41c Tuesday Imaging
10301 Harrison Jordan PSB-279 43a Tuesday Inflammation / Immune Function
10063 HASHIMOTO MASAYUKI PSA-146 56c Monday Pain
10216 Hatami Asa PSA-065 30a Monday Concussion / mTBI
10224 Hawryluk Gregory PSB-302 50c Tuesday Neurocritical Care
10061 Henninger Nils PSB-217 22b Tuesday Cerebral Blood Flow
10209 Hernandez Fidel PSA-061 28c Monday Concussion / mTBI
10241 Herrera Juan PSB-191 13c Tuesday Behavioral Function
10175 Herrity April PSA-156 60a Monday Rehabilitation
10036 Hill Rachel PSB-292 47b Tuesday Metabolism / Energetics
10037 Hill Rachel PSB-316 55b Tuesday Neuroprotection
10349 Hogan Scott PSB-192 14a Tuesday Biomarker
10100 Holden Ryan PSB-236 28c Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10300 Hook Greg PSA-166 63b Monday Therapeutics / Drug Discovery
10246 Hook Vivian PSA-169 64b Monday Therapeutics / Drug Discovery
10080 Huang Yung-Jen PSB-264 38a Tuesday Growth Factors / Cytokines
10090 Hubbard Molly PSB-246 32a Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10273 Huber Kelli PSA-048 24b Monday Cognition / Learning / Memory
10347 Hunter Michael PSB-194 14c Tuesday Biomarker
10096 Hylin Michael PSA-148 57b Monday Pediatric
10204 Ikonomovic Milos PSA-170 64c Monday Therapeutics / Drug Discovery
10161 Iraji Armin PSA-076 33c Monday Concussion / mTBI
10032 Jackson Travis PSA-087 37b Monday Gene Expression
10208 Jantzie Lauren PSB-325 58b Tuesday Pediatric
10119 Jha Ruchira PSA-079 34c Monday Edema
10310 Joseph Binoy  PSB-181 10b Tuesday Axonal Injury
10166 Kahali Sudeepto PSB-225 25a Tuesday Computational / Modeling
10011 Karelina Kate PSB-291 47a Tuesday Metabolism / Energetics
10269 Karri Jay PSA-091 38c Monday Hemorrhage
10328 Katiyar Kritika PSA-128 50c Monday Neurodegeneration
10332 Keating Carolyn PSB-304 51b Tuesday Neurodegeneration
10305 Keiski Michelle PSA-095 40a Monday Imaging
10334 Keller Anastasia PSB-331 60b Tuesday Rehabilitation
10039 Kenney Kimbra PSA-022 15c Monday Biomarker
10089 Kerr Nadine PSB-301 50b Tuesday Neurocritical Care
10104 Kibayashi Kazuhiko PSB-215 21c Tuesday Cell Death
10097 Kizhakke Madathil Sindhu PSA-089 38a Monday Growth Factors / Cytokines
10408 Knoblach Susan PSA-086 37a Monday Gene Expression
10240 Kochanek Patrick PSA-137 53c Monday Neuroprotection
10282 Kochanek Patrick PSB-343 64b Tuesday Therapeutics / Drug Discovery
10043 Koda Masao PSA-136 53b Monday Neuroprotection
10211 Kokiko-Cochran Olga PSB-280 43b Tuesday Inflammation / Immune Function
10279 Kopper Timothy PSB-345 65a Tuesday Therapeutics / Drug Discovery
10048 Krisa Laura PSA-099 41b Monday Imaging
10047 Krisa Laura PSB-274 41b Tuesday Imaging
10333 Kroner-Milsch Antje PSB-281 43c Tuesday Inflammation / Immune Function
10314 Kuan Chia-Yi PSA-016 14a Monday Biomarker
10127 Kulbe Jacqueline PSA-141 55a Monday Neuroprotection
10188 Kumar Raj PSB-286 45b Tuesday Inflammation / Immune Function
10121 Kuriakose Matthew PSA-032 19a Monday Blast
10091 Lafrenaye Audrey PSB-311 53c Tuesday Neuropathology
10323 Lajud Avila Naima PSB-305 51c Tuesday Neurogenesis
10382 LaPlaca Michelle PSB-229 26b Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10295 Lashof-Sullivan Margaret PSA-030 18b Monday Blast
10380 Law L. Matthew PSB-241 30b Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10129 Layer Richard PSA-167 63c Monday Therapeutics / Drug Discovery
10084 Lee Sungho PSA-120 48a Monday Neurocritical Care
10194 Lee Margaret PSB-213 21a Tuesday Blood Brain Barrier
10199 Lemmon Vance PSB-289 46b Tuesday Informatics
10308 Leonessa Fabio PSB-209 19c Tuesday Blast
10078 Leung Lai Yee PSB-337 62b Tuesday Secondary Injury
10292 Lewis Melissa PSA-004 10a Monday Axonal Injury
10236 Lipinski Marta PSA-040 21c Monday Cell Death
10139 Lipinski Marta PSB-216 22a Tuesday Cell Death
10336 Littlejohn Erica PSB-327 59a Tuesday Receptor Mediated / Signaling
10022 Liu Nai-Kui PSA-038 21a Monday Cell Death
10288 Lloyd John PSB-199 16b Tuesday Biomechanics
10035 Lominadze David PSA-174 66a Monday Vascular
10150 Lu Xi-Chun May PSA-084 36b Monday Epilepsy / Seizure
10153 Lu Xi-Chun May PSB-251 33c Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10144 Lu Xi-Chun May PSB-259 36b Tuesday Epilepsy / Seizure
10298 Lu Helen PSB-349 66b Tuesday Vascular
10370 Luo Jian PSA-098 41a Monday Imaging
10184 Lynch Cillian PSA-001 9a Monday Aging
10014 Lyons Danielle PSB-285 45a Tuesday Inflammation / Immune Function
10019 MacDonald Christine PSB-249 33a Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10082 Mahuvakar Alpa PSB-324 58a Tuesday Pediatric
10012 Maniskas Michael PSA-139 54b Monday Neuroprotection
10413 Martens Kris PSB-242 30c Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10148 Martin Allan PSA-102 42b Monday Imaging
10145 Martin Allan T01-16 6a Both Days Imaging
10120 Master Christina PSB-237 29a Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10066 Matyas Jessica PSB-322 57b Tuesday Pain
10142 Mayer Andrew PSA-056 27a Monday Concussion / mTBI
10058 Mayer Andrew PSB-232 27b Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10355 McCreedy Dylan PSB-282 44a Tuesday Inflammation / Immune Function
10225 McDonald Stuart PSA-105 43a Monday Inflammation / Immune Function
10115 McGuire Jennifer PSA-131 51c Monday Neuronal-Glial Interactions
10304 McKerracher Lisa PSB-328 59b Tuesday Regeneration & Plasticity
10275 McPeake Emily PSA-014 13b Monday Behavioral Function
10210 Mehalick Melissa PSB-269 39c Tuesday Hypoxia / Ischemia
10020 Meier Timothy PSB-231 27a Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10006 Meier Shelby PSB-303 51a Tuesday Neurodegeneration
10027 Merchant-Borna Kian PSB-248 32c Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10372 Mervis Ronald PSA-058 27c Monday Concussion / mTBI
10401 Mervis Ronald PSB-206 18c Tuesday Blast
10056 Mir Sajad PSA-130 51b Monday Neurogenesis
10185 Mocciaro Emanuele PSB-306 52a Tuesday Neurogenesis
10116 Mondello Stefania PSB-196 15b Tuesday Biomarker
10262 Montgomery Lynnette PSB-257 35c Tuesday Endocrine 
10155 Morganti Josh PSA-107 43c Monday Inflammation / Immune Function
10154 Morganti Josh PSB-283 44b Tuesday Inflammation / Immune Function
10321 Morin Alex PSA-060 28b Monday Concussion / mTBI
10446 Morris John PSB-314 54c Tuesday Therapeutics / Drug Discovery
10074 Mountney Andrea PSA-081 35b Monday Electophysiology
10073 Mountney Andrea PSB-338 62c Tuesday Sleep
10213 Mullah Saad PSA-159 61a Monday Secondary Injury
10296 Munoz Miranda T01-14 5b Both Days Biomarker
10034 Muradashvili Nino PSB-245 31c Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10272 Myrga John PSA-088 37c Monday Genetic Factors
10050 Namjoshi Dhananjay PSA-063 29b Monday Concussion / mTBI
10117 Nazar Ryan PSA-045 23b Monday Cervical
10344 Newell Elizabeth PSB-284 44c Tuesday Inflammation / Immune Function
10379 Nguyen Ha PSA-115 46b Monday Intracranial Pressure
10411 Ngwenya Laura PSA-124 49b Monday Neurocritical Care
10410 Ngwenya Laura PSB-243 31a Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10354 Nielson Jessica PSA-067 30c Monday Concussion / mTBI
10280 O’Neil Darik PSB-333 61a Tuesday Rehabilitation
10007 Ogier Michael PSB-228 26a Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10352 Ogle Sarah PSB-179 9c Tuesday Astrocyte
10297 Okada-Rising Starlyn PSB-320 56c Tuesday Neuroprotection
10320 Okonkwo David PSB-222 24a Tuesday Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
10331 Oni-Orisan Akinwunmi PSB-220 23b Tuesday Cervical
10261 Ordek Gokhan PSA-078 34b Monday Diagnostics
10010 Orr Michael PSA-026 17a Monday Biomechanics
10234 Osier Nicole PSA-152 58c Monday Receptor Mediated / Signaling
10392 Page Jessica PSB-180 10a Tuesday Axonal Injury
10093 Pandya Jignesh PSB-293 47c Tuesday Metabolism / Energetics
10159 Pannell Megan PSA-140 54c Monday Neuroprotection
10397 Panzer Matthew PSA-050 25a Monday Computational / Modeling
10406 Parikh Gunjan PSA-134 52c Monday Neuropathology
10369 Parks Elle PSB-235 28b Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10348 Pasquesi Stephanie PSB-202 17b Tuesday Biomechanics
10385 Paydar Afshin PSA-100 41c Monday Imaging
10402 Pelisch Nicolas PSA-013 13a Monday Behavioral Function
10053 Peterson Jeremy PSB-230 26c Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10371 Pevzner Aleksandr PSA-080 35a Monday Electophysiology
10396 Pfister Bryan PSA-025 16c Monday Biomechanics
10393 Pfister Bryan PSB-234 28a Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10086 Pick Chaim PSB-187 12b Tuesday Behavioral Function
10373 Pineda Jose PSA-023 16a Monday Biomarker
10125 Pitkanen Asla PSB-344 64c Tuesday Therapeutics / Drug Discovery
10256 Poulsen David PSB-276 42a Tuesday Imaging
10008 Price Brittani PSA-125 49c Monday Neurocritical Care
10399 Puccio Ava PSA-044 23a Monday Cerebrospinal Fluid
10049 Qiu Jianhua PSB-226 25b Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10070 QU Baoxi PSA-019 14c Monday Biomarker
10021 Quinn Davin PSB-189 13a Tuesday Behavioral Function
10217 Race Nick PSA-033 19b Monday Blast
10106 Radabaugh Hannah PSA-157 60b Monday Rehabilitation
10220 Rallo Michael PSB-326 58c Tuesday Receptor Mediated / Signaling
10281 Ranganathan Prerna PSA-082 35c Monday Endocrine 
10329 Recker Matthew T01-02 1b Both Days Regeneration & Plasticity
10031 Rex Tonia PSA-144 56a Monday Neuroprotection
10403 Robinson Caitlin PSA-101 42a Monday Imaging
10203 Robinson Caitlin PSB-300 50a Tuesday Neurocritical Care
10118 Röckelein Verena PSB-195 15a Tuesday Biomarker
10076 Rodriguez Uylissa PSB-210 20a Tuesday Blast
10174 Rodriguez-Grande Beatriz T01-04 2a Both Days Concussion / mTBI
10123 Rolfe Alyssa PSA-104 42c Monday Inflammation / Immune Function
10222 Rossi Janet PSB-323 57c Tuesday Pediatric
10306 Rowe Rachel PSA-162 62a Monday Sleep
10302 Rowe Rachel T01-01 1a Both Days Behavioral Function
10286 Russell Nicholas PSB-268 39b Tuesday Hemorrhage
10133 Rzigalinski Beverly PSB-347 65c Tuesday Therapeutics / Drug Discovery
10057 Saber Maha PSA-047 24a Monday Cognition / Learning / Memory
10253 Sangobowale Michael PSA-011 12b Monday Behavioral Function
10077 Sanjakdar Sarah PSB-184 11b Tuesday Ballistic Injury
10230 Santhakumar Vijayalakshmi PSA-129 51a Monday Neurogenesis
10206 Satris Gabriela PSB-336 62a Tuesday Secondary Injury
10112 Sauerbeck Andrew PSA-027 17b Monday Biomechanics
10412 Scarisbrick Isobel PSB-178 9b Tuesday Astrocyte
10389 Schneider Brandy PSB-330 60a Tuesday Regeneration & Plasticity
10167 Searles Madeleine PSA-138 54a Monday Neuroprotection
10191 Sell Stacy PSB-223 24b Tuesday Cognition / Learning / Memory
10051 Semple Bridgette T01-11 4b Both Days Behavioral Function
10391 Shah Alok PSB-200 16c Tuesday Biomechanics
10283 Shepard Courtney PSB-188 12c Tuesday Behavioral Function
10005 Shultz Sandy PSB-239 29c Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10341 Simkin Jennifer PSA-109 44b Monday Inflammation / Immune Function
10235 Singh Goutam PSA-149 57c Monday Pediatric
10218 Skinner Nathan T01-05 2b Both Days Imaging
10105 Smith Aidan PSB-294 48a Tuesday Microglia
10335 Snow Diane PSA-012 12c Monday Behavioral Function
10107 Snow Diane PSB-352 67b Tuesday Regeneration & Plasticity
10009 Späni Claudia PSA-110 44c Monday Inflammation / Immune Function
10387 Spruance Victoria PSA-172 65b Monday Transplantation
10160 Spurlin Emily PSB-309 53a Tuesday Neuropathology
10098 Srambical Wilfred Bernard PSB-186 12a Tuesday Ballistic Injury
10422 Sribnick Eric PSA-070 31c Monday Diagnostics
10068 Stemper Brian PSA-024 16b Monday Biomechanics
10190 Stemper Brian PSB-252 34a Tuesday Depression
10102 Stone James PSB-278 42c Tuesday Imaging
10081 Strain Misty PSA-168 64a Monday Therapeutics / Drug Discovery
10247 Stratton Jarred PSA-064 29c Monday Concussion / mTBI
10268 Sukhina Alona PSA-066 30b Monday Concussion / mTBI
10062 Szu Jenny PSA-083 36a Monday Epilepsy / Seizure
10237 Tanji Chihiro PSB-342 64a Tuesday Therapeutics / Drug Discovery
10134 Tenovuo Olli PSA-021 15b Monday Biomarker
10143 Tenovuo Olli PSB-197 15c Tuesday Biomarker
10346 Tercovich Kayleen PSB-262 37b Tuesday Gene Expression
10365 Terminel Mabel PSA-151 58b Monday Receptor Mediated / Signaling
10383 Thompson Hilaire PSB-238 29b Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10226 Tian Ran PSB-312 54a Tuesday Neuroprotection
10338 Titus David PSB-224 24c Tuesday Cognition / Learning / Memory
10325 Tolpygo Alexander PSB-308 52c Tuesday Neuropathology
10231 Tschiffely Anna PSA-057 27b Monday Concussion / mTBI
10110 Tu Tsang-Wei PSB-272 40c Tuesday Imaging
10377 Turtzo L. Christine PSB-273 41a Tuesday Imaging
10113 Ullman Jamie PSA-113 45c Monday Intracranial Pressure
10257 Umali Michelle T01-03 1c Both Days Gene Expression
10319 Valadka Alex PSB-288 46a Tuesday Inflammation / Immune Function
10384 Van Meter Timothy PSB-193 14b Tuesday Biomarker
10165 VandeVord Pamela PSA-035 20a Monday Blast
10264 VanRooyen Jenna T01-10 4a Both Days Metabolism / Energetics
10189 Vascak Michal T01-21 7c Both Days Axonal Injury
10176 Veraza Rafael PSB-319 56b Tuesday Neuroprotection
10290 Vogel III Edward PSB-204 18a Tuesday Blast
10040 Von Leden Ramona PSB-177 9a Tuesday Aging
10360 Wang Ying PSA-036 20b Monday Blast
10067 Wang Hao PSA-160 61b Monday Secondary Injury
10242 Wang Wang-Xia PSA-161 61c Monday Secondary Injury
10327 Wanner Ina PSA-003 9c Monday Astrocyte
10245 Washington Patricia  PSB-254 34c Tuesday Edema
10017 Weil Zachary PSA-059 28a Monday Concussion / mTBI
10158 White Amanda T01-08 3b Both Days Neuropathology
10111 Wilk Seth PSB-233 27c Tuesday Concussion / mTBI
10287 Willey Hannah PSB-318 56a Tuesday Neuroprotection
10187 Wilson Nicole T01-12 4c Both Days Inflammation / Immune Function
10238 Wiseman Natalie PSB-219 23a Tuesday Cerebral Blood Flow
10324 Witcher Kristina T01-07 3a Both Days Microglia
10254 Wojnarowicz Mark PSA-051 25b Monday Concussion / mTBI
10202 Wolahan Stephanie PSB-299 49c Tuesday Neurocritical Care
10274 Wolf Jordan PSB-297 49a Tuesday Neurocritical Care
10072 Wu Ping PSA-143 55c Monday Neuroprotection
10136 Wu Junfang PSA-147 57a Monday Pain
10326 Yan Hong PSA-165 63a Monday Synaptic Function
10277 Yauger Young PSA-119 47c Monday Microglia
10087 York Herbert PSA-097 40c Monday Imaging
10029 Young Jennica PSB-335 61c Tuesday Secondary Injury
10151 Younger Daniel PSB-207 19a Tuesday Blast
10101 Yousuf Seema PSA-093 39b Monday Hypoxia / Ischemia
10126 Yue John PSA-005 10b Monday Axonal Injury
10364 Yue John PSA-068 31a Monday Concussion / mTBI
10291 Zeng Yaping PSB-350 66c Tuesday Vascular
10138 ZHANG BEI PSA-002 9b Monday Aging
10214 Zhang Tianhao PSA-053 26a Monday Concussion / mTBI
10388 Zholudeva Lyandysha PSB-348 66a Tuesday Transplantation
10064 Zuckerman Amitai PSA-028 17c Monday Blast
10359 Zusman Benjamin PSA-092 39a Monday Hemorrhage