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The top 25 of the highest-scoring student/trainee abstract submissions will be featured as finalists in the NNS 2017 Trainee Competition and displayed for the duration of the conference.  The Trainee Competition Finalists will receive their final judging onsite at the conference during the first Poster Session at 10:30 AM on Monday, July 10. 

Scores will be tabulated to determine the winners of the competition. In the event of a tie, judges will refer to the original scores for the tiebreaker.  All judges decisions are final. All poster finalists will receive a certificate and recognition onstage as part of the Student Competition Awards Ceremony.

The Trainee Competition Finalists for Neurotrauma 2017 are:

Abstract ID Last Name First Name Institute Poster #
10138 Ahuja Christopher University of Toronto T01-01
10294 Alshareef Ahmed University of Virginia T01-02
10140 Godzik Jake Barrow Neurological Institute T01-03
10388 Guzowski Nicholas Medical College of Wisconsin T01-04
10279 Hemphill Matthew University of Pennsylvania T01-05
10399 Hirschi Ryan University of Utah T01-06
10104 Lee Stephanie University of Miami Miller School of Medicine T01-07
10050 Logsdon Aric University of Washington T01-08
10330 Main Bevan Georgetown University T01-09
10394 Mallela Arka University of Pennsylvania T01-10
10100 Mohaimany-Aponte Amanda University of Alabama at Birmingham T01-11
10165 Paydar Afshin UCLA T01-12
10124 Reynolds Joshua Texas A&M University T01-13
10320 Riley Patrick UCLA T01-14
10349 Russo Robin University of Pennsylvania T01-15
10245 Sargolzaei Saman UCLA T01-16
10159 Schuster Alexandria University of Pittsburgh T01-17
10041 Seira Oscar ICORD-University of British Columbia (UBC) T01-18
10407 Todd Brittany  University of Iowa hospital and clinics T01-20
10173 Vedung Fredrik Uppsala university, Institution of neurosciencies T01-21
10261 Vidal Pia University Health Network T01-22
10069 Wu Wei IUPUI T01-23
10095 Zhang Bei University of Kentucky T01-24
10222 Ziogas Nikolaos Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine T01-25