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The Abstract Committee has selected 20 abstracts from all submissions to be presented orally during the Data Blitz sessions.  Please note that authors whose abstracts are selected for oral presentation will also present a poster.

The submissions selected for oral presentation at the 2017 Data Blitz Session are:

Abstract ID Last name First name Presentation Day Poster #
10374 Algamal Moustafa Monday A20-01
10039 Braun Molly Tuesday B18-04
10118 Franz Erich Tuesday B08-06
10154 Haber Margalit Monday A03-07
10172 Hong James Monday A10-02
10081 Huber Daniel Tuesday B08-15
10080 Kerr Nadine Monday A16-02
10046 Kochanek Patrick Monday A22-07
10201 Li Yun Tuesday B04-03
10016 Li Shuxin Tuesday B26-02
10148 Lizhnyak Pavel Monday A22-08
10015 Ma Merry Tuesday B18-08
10114 Meyer Briana Tuesday B08-23
10103 Minaeva Olga Monday A13-11
10147 Mondello Stefania Monday A06-08
10161 Okada-Rising Starlyn Monday A18-10
10265 Schurman Lesley Tuesday B18-12
10019 Szu Jenny Monday A12-06
10088 Tai Wenjiao Tuesday B26-05
10340 Weber Maura Tuesday B03-03