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Friday Sessions

WNS-01: Women in Neurosurgery Retreat Dinner Lecture
  1. Building an Academic Neurosurgical Practice - Eve Tsai, MD, PhD; Ottowa Hospital Research Institute
  2. Cervical Radiculopathy, Spondylosis and Kyphosis in the Operating Surgeon - Aruna Ganju, MD; Northwestern University


An academic neurosurgical practice typically focuses on three tiers: clinical service, education, and research.  Building and maintaining excellence in the three tiers of an academic neurosurgical practice can be challenging.  This session will overview strategies to building and maintaining excellence in academic neurosurgery. 

Educational Objectives

  1. Describe and define the three tiers upon which an academic neurosurgical practice stands.

  2. Discuss strategies for achieving excellence in each tier

  3. Exchange collaborative ideas for identifying and overcoming challenges to an academic neurosurgical practice

S'More Collaboration Campfire 


S'More Collaboration Campfire, a modern-day spin on how people have bonded for centuries, is designed to connect and engage attendees in thought-provoking conversations outside of the typical structured business setting.  We are kickin’ it old school with a campfire and s’mores, of course!. If you are new to NNS, looking to make a few new friends or strengthen existing connections, this event is for you!  Open discussion on a variety of topics.

FREE - Open to all attendees. 

Educational Objectives

  1. Exchange collaborative ideas for new approaches to neurotrauma
  2. Identify gaps in research and clinical care for neurotrauma
  3. Discuss methods of efficient collaboration in neurotrauma research