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Neurotrauma Genealogy Project

Tree Brain imageWe are excited to announce this new addition to the NNS website and an exciting enhancement to our annual meeting.

This year, we will be building on the popular "Memory Lane" concept from last years' meeting in Lexington by adding an interactive genealogy feature.  Members and attendees will be able to add themselves to the academic genealogy tree both prior to and during the NNS conference to see how they connect to their mentors and other researchers and scientists in the Neurotrauma community.  Help us reconnect to our founders and create new connections for your future by adding your information to the tree!  


What is the Neurotrauma Tree?

The Academic Genealogy of Neurotrauma is a volunteer-run website based program designed to help you track your academic genealogy. Our goal is to collect information about the graduate student and postdoctoral relationships between most researchers in the field. This tree exists as a part of the larger Academic Family Tree, which seeks to build a genealogy across multiple academic fields.

How do I navigate the tree?
There are several ways to wander around Neurotrauma Tree. The basics are summed up in the commands at the top of each page:

  • Tree - Jump to a random node on the tree
  • Search - Search for a specific person or people at a specific institution
  • Recent additions - List the most recent additions
  • Distance - Trace the connection between two people in the tree
  • Add person - Add a new person to the tree (and be a good citizen!). You must sign up for an account to make additions.

To see more detailed information about an individual, click "Info" next to their name in the tree or on the browse page. Learn more about navigation and editing the site from this tutorial.

Where does the information on this site come from?

Data in the tree is provided largely by visitors to the site (like you!). A group of volunteer editors works to keep the data accurate, and we hope all contributors will do the same. Contact the site administrator if you're interested in helping out with editing.

How do I add new information?
Sign up for an account. Then you will be able to contribute information to the site. To add a new person, click "New Person" on the top naviation bar. To add a new connection to an existing person, click "New Child" or "New Parent" on their info page.

How do I sign up?
Click here to sign up for a new account. You will have to provide a username and a password. This will give you permission to add new information.

How do I edit my information?
After you sign up for an account, you will be able to link your account to your own node, even if it was already entered by another user. If you skipped the account linking step during the initial sign-up, you can take care of it by clicking on "My node" at the bottom of the page after logging in.

Can I print out a tree that looks nice?
Print quality varies with browsers. We have had decent luck with Firefox. Hopefully someday we will develop a cleaner system for printing. In the mean time, this is what works best:

  1. Click to the desired tree page
  2. Choose the smallest size from the display options.
  3. Go to the browser page setup/print options window and choose a) landscape, b) shrink page to fit, c) margins as small as possible and d) print background colors and images
  4. Try printing. If you want to get rid of the headers, print to a pdf and edit them out.

How do I report a bug or recommend an improvement for the site? 

Please submit an error report or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Who owns the data in the tree?
The data are owned by academictree.org, but they are shared under the Creative Commons License (CC-BY 3.0). You may use the data in the tree however you want, as long as you attribute the source, academictree.org.

What about privacy?
We have no interest in annoying or taking advantage of users who have generously donated their time to this effort. To that end, we will not share personal information (i.e., email addresses) with any commercial interests. The information that is displayed (name, institutional affiliation, home page, photo, mentor, etc.) is presumed to already be public knowledge. However, if you wish to have any information about you removed from the site, contact the administrator (admin at neurotree dot org), and we will respond promptly.

Is someone missing from the tree? Register/sign in to make changes