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Learning Objectives

Educational Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this symposium, all attendees will be able to:

1) Articulate research relevant features of biopsychosocial assessment as it applies to the study of TBI and SCI

2) Identify how function can uniquely inform their research focus and activities

3) Explain how a precision medicine research pipeline may support the pursuit of neuroprotective and neuroreparative treatments

4) Discuss controversial issues in the biological characterization of SCI/TBI pathology and function, as well as translation of therapeutic treatments from the laboratory to the clinic

5) Identify and network with attendees from the neurotrauma and neurorehabilitation communities to formulate and grow interdisciplinary research teams to advance innovative neurobiological frameworks for study and personalized treatments to the point of patient accessibility for the TBI and SCI communities.

In addition to the learning outcomes for all attendees, at the conclusion of this symposium, junior scientists/trainees will also be able to:

1) Identify suitable mentors for their personal and career development

2) Connect and engage with TBI and SCI stakeholders to identify and learn about the importance of function focused TBI and SCI research programs

3) Increase cultural competency regarding priorities, challenges, biases and needs facing individuals with TBI and SCI related disability

4) Reference historical perspectives on the advancement of clinical care and rehabilitation of those with TBI and SCI related disability.