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Description & Objectives S04


Sports Controversy: To Play or Not to Play? Should Contact Sports for Kids be Banned? Repetitive TBI


Mild TBI and concussions, particularly in a sport-related setting, are a major public health concern. In particular, since many sport-related concussions occur in a developing brain (pediatric or young adult) and may occur repeatedly, the concern for this is magnified. Conversely, the current generation is also facing epidemic levels of inactivity, with demonstrable risk for obesity. Inactivity and obesity are two of the strongest modifiable factors to promote long-term brain health. This session will be a different format, with each of 4 experts giving a very brief 7-10 minute time for prepared introductory comments, followed by a moderated panel discussion with the chairs, then opened up for questions from the audience.


At the conclusion of this session, attendees will be able to:

  1. Delineate the current knowledge about long-term consequences of sports concussion/mTBI in the developing brain.
  2. Delineate the current knowledge about benefits of activity, and role for contact sports.
  3. Balance the discussion of risk vs benefit for participation in youth sports, including collision sports, contact sports and non-contact/limited contact sports.