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Description & Objectives S03


Therapeutic Strategies for CNS Regeneration and Functional Recovery Synapses & Circuits


Injured CNS axons fail to regenerate and there are no medical treatments to enhance recovery due to neuronal disconnections. The inability of axons to regenerate and restore function after neurotrauma is due to the combination of a non-permissive extrinsic CNS environment and a loss of intrinsic regenerative ability during development. In recent years, researchers have made dramatic progress in identifying major extrinsic and neuron-intrinsic molecules that inhibit regeneration and in developing novel strategies to enhance neuronal regeneration, reconnections and plasticity. This session targets a very important topic of neural repair after CNS injuries and should attract most of the neurotrauma researchers. In this session, several top researchers in the CNS regeneration field will present their exciting findings on novel strategies for promoting CNS regeneration, neuroplasticity and functional recovery with various strategies by targeting critical genes for controlling cell growth. 


At the conclusion of this session, attendees will be able to:

  1. Attract neurotrauma scientists to explore new avenue of neural regeneration and repair research by targeting the major factors that control CNS regeneration failure.
  2. Provide an opportunity for neurotrauma researchers at diverse levels and from different fields to learn the current status of axon regeneration and functional recovery in adult CNS.
  3. Provide new insights, expand research directions, and stimulate new thoughts for future translational research in the neural regeneration and repair field.