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Description & Objectives S15


From Synapses to Circuits Synapses & Circuits


The theme of Neurotrauma 2019 is function. Function is the sum of changes from the level of an individual neuron, through a synapse and into a network. Therefore, to truly appreciate functional changes following TBI it is critical to take a systems level approach. While the society focuses largely on the effect of cell death and outcome, chronic changes in synaptic makeup, network connectivity and network function can lead to significant functional changes regardless of cell death.


At the conclusion of this session, attendees will be able to:

  1. Evaluate how synaptic changes can lead to network dysfunction and therefore changes in outcome.
  2. Address changes from a level of neuroanatomy. It is important to consider information flow across the circuit.
  3. Describe the use of EEG and ECoG as tools to evaluate network function and outcome