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Description & Objectives Celebration of Function


Neurotrauma Celebrates Function with the Rhizome Theater Company


New for NNS 2019, we incorporate an audio documentarian approach to draw out key features of function, disability, and research advocacy related to neurotrauma. The Rhizome Theater Company will use its unique community folklore collection and sharing methods to engage in (1) a dynamic series of interviews with NNS members and attendees, (2) engage in stakeholder discussions on function, research, and advocacy for neurotrauma related disability, and (3) present their reflections with live, interactive presentations that embody and echo the voices of our members and attendees.

A core Rhizome Theater Company deliverable will be a lasting compendium of “voices of NNS,” including audio interviews/oral histories of a wide variety, arranged and edited into a series of thematic vignettes in audio and written format for the NNS archives. This compendium will support scientific programming, research advocacy on function, disability advocacy, and societal capacity building and outreach activities for the NNS going forward. The member point of view informational resource will contribute to white paper publication deliverables intended to advance focus on function in precision medicine research, education, advocacy and training.


At the conclusion of the Celebration of Function session, attendees will be able to:

  1. Explain a variety of topics addressing the meaning of function, precision medicine, and advocacy.
  2. Articulate firsthand experiences and engagement throughout the conference revolving around the theme of “Function”
  3. Evaluate the lasting compendium of “voices of NNS”
  4. Review the live, interactive presentations that embody and echo the voices of members and attendees.