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Description & Objectives LW7


Stepping Through Translational Research in Neurotrauma: Process, Opportunities and Tips for Success  TEAM


Translating basic therapeutic research findings in neurotrauma from mechanistic studies in animals toward improving function in patients can seem complex for many investigators and a limiting step in the development of promising treatments. Treatments for neurotrauma have seen very limited success in Phase III Clinical treatment trials, however, the recent focus toward improved pathoanatomical stratification of neurotrauma patients should soon provide opportunity for testing targeted treatments within selected patient groups. The present moment is an opportunity for neurotrauma investigators with promising therapeutic results to learn about the process that will allow them to advance through early proof of concept to first-in-human studies and be prepared for trials once the pathoanatomical patient stratification systems are validated. In this workshop, program directors of translational programs from federal funding agencies , experienced in translational research, will provide insight into the processes, requirements, and opportunities currently available. A didactic workshop will be presented in which these experts will walk participants through the process of translating therapeutic biologics and small molecules including opportunities to get these activities funded at NINDS and DoD. The presenters will focus on how translational funding opportunities differ from basic research opportunities and provide strategies and special considerations for investigators looking to advance their research forward. Moreover, the presenters will be able to provide insight and strategies for finding collaborators (academic, federal, and industrial) that can provide the services and/or techniques needed to advance a therapeutic.


At the conclusion of this session, attendees will be able to:

  1. Learn the function of translational research and about common processes required to move various types of therapeutics from bench to bedside with specific examples provided.
  2. Gain understanding that will empower them to determine when, how and/or which potential therapeutics they are testing are ready to advance through the translational pipeline.
  3. Learn about existing funding opportunities available through federal agencies to support and accelerate translational research.
  4. Ask questions and interact with experts in translational research to help them better understand the translational pipeline.