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Description & Objectives LW9


Neuroscience Tools for Neurotrauma TEAM


This goal of this TEAM session is to enhance exposure, education and discussion of new technologies in neuroscience research that can spur new directions and insight for understanding the effect of traumatic injury on the central nervous system. The session draws upon the expertise of researchers in the Pittsburgh neuroscience community to discuss cutting edge neural imaging and drug delivery tools to enhance our understanding of neurotrauma. Dr. Kuhlman will discuss how the brain computer interface can be utilized to improve rehabilitation. Dr. Janjic will present on the use of nanotechnology in drug delivery for the diagnosis and treatment of nerve injury. Dr. Mathis will discuss imaging of cerebral pathology after neurotrauma.


At the conclusion of this session, attendees will be able to:

  1. Discuss the application of brain computer interface technology for rehabilitation
  2. Describe the usage of nanotechnology delivery systems for in vivo visualization of inflammation after peripheral nerve injury
  3. Discuss the use of in vivo imaging of cerebral pathology after neurotrauma