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Description & Objectives LW3


Clinical Sequelae in TBI & SCI TEAMChronic Clinical


The primary goal of this session is to provide a brief overview of the clinical realities of brain injury medicine (BIM), across the spectrum of injury severity. Specifically, during this session, speakers will highlight both the commonalities and heterogeneity in BIM. Additionally, the speakers will also provide a brief overview of the clinical manifestations of acute spinal cord injury (SCI) and identify current trends in translational SCI research. Furthermore, the speakers will also share their clinical perspectives with the hope of providing greater insights for basic scientists for conducting translational research studies. Having a better understanding of the overall realities of TBI and SCI would further assist basic scientists to devise model systems / experimental paradigms that closely mimic human TBI and SCI conditions.


At the conclusion of this session, attendees will be able to:

  1. Provide an introduction to both pediatric and adult brain injury medicine, across the spectrum of injury severity.

  2. Define common clinical manifestations across injury severity by providing insights into the common clinical manifestations following an acquired brain injury, including cognitive, oculomotor, and vestibular dysfunction.

  3. Identify opportunities for improved translational studies by highlighting common clinical findings that may need consideration when developing/performing basic science TBI research.

  4. Define common clinical manifestations of SCI across injury severity through insights into the common clinical manifestations following SCI, including motor and sensory dysfunction, autonomic dysfunction, neuropathic pain, SCI-induced auto-immunity, and osteoporosis.