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Biomarker Pre-Conference Workshop

Fluid-based biomarkers for Precision Medicine Applications Assessing Function in NeuroTrauma Populations

Conference Chairs: Amy Wagner, MD / Kevin Wang, PhD

Supported in part by by the University of Pittsburgh’s NIH-funded All of Us Initiative and the University of Pittsburgh’s NIH funded Clinical and Translational Science Institute

This inaugural interactive workshop will provide an interactive and pragmatic learning experience for clinicians and researchers wishing to develop their research skills and knowledge in the area of fluid based biomarkers measurement, analysis, application to the study of function, and translation.  Speakers will provide insight and pragmatic information on research conduct while overviewing original research findings and breakthroughs impacting Neurotrauma research.  A specific focus will be placed on linking biomarkers to function focused outcome metrics relevant to Neurotrauma survivors and their recovery.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Acquire knowledge about applying genomic and epigenomic platforms and technologies
  2. Learn about how to conduct proteomic applications related in neurotrauma research
  3. Become familiarized with using big data management and bioinformatics and systems biology tools across species
  4.  Learn about Rehabilomics research model as a rubric for Precision Medicine studies in function


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm          

  1. Translational protein biomarkers for neurotrauma - Kevin Wang, PhD, Univ. of Florida   
  2. Differential and quantitative proteomic methods - William Haskins, Gryphon Bio
  3. Exosome and microvesicles research in neurotrauma - Jessica Gill, PhD, RN, CNRM/NIH        
  4. Next generation protein biomarkers of traumatic brain injury - Denes Agoston, MD, PhD, USUHS
  5. Blood biomarkers of Repetitive Blast injury: a VA study - Elaine Peskind, PhD, UW Medicine
  6. Genetic Modulators of TBI outcome - Yvette Perry Conley, PhD, University of Pittsburgh    
  7. DNA methylation: Lesson from a Breacher study - Haghighi, Fatemeh, PhD, Icahn SOM at Mount Sinai


8:00 am – 12:30 pm          

  1. Rehabilomics Research Model as a Framework for Precision Rehabilitation - Amy Wagner, PhD, University of Pittsburgh 
  2. Big Data Management and data exploration - Adam Ferguson, University of California San Francisco    
  3. System Biology Tools and Pathway Analysis - Opportunities for Biomarkers and Therapeutic Target Identification - Firas Kobeissy, University of Florida
  4. Structural equations models for clinical phenotypes of human TBI - Lindsay Nelson, PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin
  5. Data-driven approaches for syndromic biomarkers in the laboratory and clinic UCSF - J. Russell Huie, PhD, UCSF
  6. Basics of Precision Medicine Research Design: Applications for Neurotrauma - TBA
  7. FDA Regulatory Considerations for Blood-Based Biomarkers in Neurotrauma - Douglas Jeffrey, FDA

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