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Lunch Workshops

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Three optional lunch workshops are offered daily on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.  Each workshop is $20 and includes a box lunch.  Advance purchase only. Click the LW links below for details on each workshop:


LW1: Deploying Best Practices for Scientific Rigor in Neurotrauma Research TEAM

LW2What Does Function Mean to Me?  Function After SCI Roundtable

LW3Clinical Sequelae in TBI & SCI Chronic Clinical


LW4Discovery and Validation of Novel Biomarkers for Preclinical TBI  TEAM

LW5What Does Function Mean to Me?  Function After TBI Roundtable

LW6Intersection of TBI and Domestic Violence Cross-Cutting


LW7Stepping Through Translational Research in Neurotrauma: Process, Opportunities and Tips for Success  TEAM

LW8What Does Function Mean to Me? Exploring a Role for TBI & SCI Advocacy Roundtable

LW9Neuroscience Tools for Neurotrauma TEAM Cross-Cutting