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NNS activities and initiatives are lead by a number of committees. Committees are composed of NNS members and Council members.
If you are interested in joining a NNS committee let us know at  

Communication and Marketing Committee

Committee shall be comprised of a chair, and at least two (2) Society members. The committee shall work with the Executive Director and the Secretary to coordinate Society communications and marketing efforts, including, but not limited to social media presence, newsletters, website content, logos, press and media relations, and membership campaigns. The Communications and Marketing Committee shall work with other committees to ensure unified messaging. Any material proposals that are recommended by this committee shall be submitted to the Council for approval.

  • Rachel Rowe, Chair
  • Kathryn Saatman, Co-Chair
  • Rebecca Henry, Co-Chair
  • Laura Ngwenya, Member
  • Rachel Rowe, Member
  • Susana Cerqueira, Member
  • Bernadette Grayson, Member
  • John Finan, Member
  • Dylan McCreedy, Member
  • Faith Best, Volunteer
  • Travis Johnston, Volunteer
  • Tabitha Green, Volunteer
  • Kristen Pechacek, Volunteer
  • Amelia Hicks, Volunteer
  • Madison Fagan, Volunteer

Membership Committee

This Committee shall be comprised of the current Secretary-Treasurer who will be chair of the committee and three Society members, each serving a term of three years. The primary purpose of the committee is to increase individual memberships in the Society and to review applications for membership. Applicants may be granted membership by the committee. Applications must obtain the approval vote of at least two-thirds of the members of the committee.

  • Bridgette Semple, Chair
  • Niki Kokiko-Cochran, Co-Chair
  • Audrey Layfrenaye, Member
  • Corina Bondi, Member
  • Theresa Thomas, Member
  • Ken Curley, Member
  • Susanna Scafidi, Member
  • Shaun Carlson, Member
  • Bevan Main, Member
  • Rishabh Sharma, Volunteer 
  • Zoe Tapp, Volunteer 
  • Tala Curry, Volunteer 
  • Eleni Moschonas, Volunteer 

Nominating Committee

This committee shall be comprised of the immediate past-president who will be chair of the committee and at least three other members of Council. Committee members may not currently be from the same institution. The nominating committee shall submit nominations for the office of President-elect, vice president-elect and secretary-treasurer-elect. They shall also submit the names of candidates for each position on the Council. It will be the responsibility of the nominating committee to prepare lists of nominees from the membership as described herein to ascertain the willingness of each nominee, if elected, to serve. Other names may be added to the ballot upon petition in accordance with the procedures established in these By Laws. At least two months before the Annual Meeting, a ballot containing the list of all nominees will be sent to the membership. For a member to be eligible for nomination for elective office he/she must be an active member in good standing.

  • Grace Griesbach, Chair

TEAM Committee

Click here for information about the TEAM Committee

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy and Policy Committee shall be comprised of a chair, and at least two (2) other members of Council. This committee will be responsible for advancing advocacy efforts to further the Society’s objectives. Proposals that are recommended by this committee shall be submitted to the Council for approval.

  • Grace Griesbach, Chair
  • Brenda Bartnik, Member
  • Chris Giza, Member
  • Gene Gurkoff, Member
  • David Okonkwo, Member
  • Michelle LaPlaca, Member
  • Sasha Rabchevsky, Member
  • Amy Wagner, Member

Publication Committee

This committee serves as liaison between the membership and the publisher of the Journal, offering advice and comment on general publication policies and fees.

  • Michelle LaPlaca, Chair
  • Colleen Atkins, Member
  • Joseph McCabe, Member
  • Pramod Dash, Member

Finance Committee

This committee shall be comprised of two Society members as advisors, the President, Secretary-Treasurer, Secretary-Treasurer-elect, previous Secretary-Treasurer. The current Secretary-Treasurer will serve as chair. The committee is responsible for monitoring and advising the membership on the Society’s investments. Any changes that are recommended by this committee are approved by the Officers and Councilors at the Annual Meeting or via email.

  • David Loane, Chair
  • Pamela Vandevord, Co Chair
  • Corina Bondi, Member
  • Courtney Robertson, Member
  • John Povlishock, Member
  • Pramod Dash, Member
  • Sharma Pushpa, Volunteer
  • Benjamin Brett, Volunteer
  • Lindsay Ferguson, Volunteer
  • Eleni Moschonas, Volunteer

NNS 2024 Planning Committee

Click here for information on the Planning Committee

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