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NNS mentor-mentee program

Registration: https://redcap.uky.edu/redcap/surveys/?s=RH7WJRCLY9JLP3XM

TEAM Mentor-Mentee Program Guidelines 

The mentor-mentee program facilitates establishing relationships between members of the National Neurotrauma Society across the neurotrauma research career journey. The program is available to all NNS members to support their professional advancement. This program is a year-long opportunity to engage with another NNS member who has volunteered to provide experience-based advice, sound boarding, and perspectives. Due to the national nature of NNS, our mentor/mentee pool will be from various research institutions and backgrounds. The questions in this survey will provide important information about your priorities as a participant and will be used to help the NNS TEAM committee match mentees and mentors.

Mentors and mentees are self-identified as wanting to support career advancement, equity, and inclusion in the NNS community. Matches will be based on your responses in the application. TEAM cannot predict the pool of mentors and mentees but will match people to the best of their ability. If your priorities are specific, there will be an opportunity to clarify in the survey.

Note: If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your match or can no longer participate in the program, please reach out to theresathomas@arizona.edu (Dr. Theresa Currier-Thomas) no later than July 15th, 2022. We do not want to miss the opportunity to rematch, as it is our mission to pair participants that are equally engaged. While we will attempt to rematch mentees or mentors by the end of July, we have a limited pool of candidates and cannot guarantee a second match. Requests for a rematch after July 15th cannot be accommodated. If at any time during the year you are no longer able to participate, please contact the Dr. Theresa Currier-Thomas to ensure that the mentor and mentee are aware of new developments.

Suggested expectations for mentor/mentee participant commitment:

  • One-on-one meetings between the mentor and mentee (quarterly meetings are recommended)
  • We encourage attendance at the Mentor/Mentee Social on the first day of the annual NNS meeting. This year (2022) it will be held on June 26th from 4-5 PM, immediately prior to the NNS Welcome Social. This event is for previous and new participants to meet in-person. An email identifying the location will be sent when the program is confirmed.
  • Suggested participation in the NNS virtual round-table discussions (A great way to break the ice with your mentor or mentee is by having your meeting(s) after an NNS virtual event that you both attend).
  • Completion of the short feedback survey (Feedback on the program is critical for quality/sustainability).


TEAM supports clinical, pre-clinical, academic, industry, and multilevel mentorship. NNS members with varying degrees and backgrounds are encouraged to participate, including but not limited to:

  • Trainees (masters/graduate students, undergraduates, high school, residents, postdoctoral & clinical fellows),
  • Junior faculty (Instructor, Assistant Professor, Research Scientists),
  • Senior faculty (Associate and Full Professor),
  • Physicians (MD, DO, etc.),
  • Physician scientists (MD/PhD),
  • Clinical scientists (Nurses, Clinical PhD, etc.)
  • Industry professionals

Postdocs, career scientists, and junior faculty are encouraged to sign up as both a mentor and a mentee.

Application process
Fill out the application HERE before May 27th 2022

Several instances of  blocked access have been reported for international faculty and students. If you wish to participate, please fill out the word document form of the survey and return to theresathomas@email.arizona.edu by the registration deadline. 

Mentor-Mentee application

Notification: applicants will be notified of your match by June 20th, 2022; before the NNS meeting

Advice from a mentor is representative of their own experiences and does not represent the official views of the National Neurotrauma Society or their affiliated Institutions. Mentors are volunteering to share experience-based advice, sound boarding, and alternative perspectives. This program is not designed for mentors to review paperwork (grants, manuscripts, etc.), assist in finding jobs or career opportunities, report and/or mediate legal issues, fulfill the role of a primary mentor, graduate committee member, or collaborator. Be aware that any relationship beyond advice, sound boarding, and perspective is the choice of the mentor and is above and beyond their voluntary commitment to the mentee through this program.

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