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The TEAM Neurotrauma – Visiting International Scholar Award (TEAM-VISA) was established to promote international networking opportunities, and to advance the early careers of women Neurotrauma researchers.

The Award provides an opportunity for international collaboration by subsidizing both travel to the National Neurotrauma Symposium and a brief period of research training/collaboration in a sponsor’s laboratory. This award supports the mission of WiNTR to promote international gender equality in neurotrauma research to learn new skills or techniques pertinent to their research project.


Submit the following to Tiffany Greco, Chair of the TEAM-VISA Committee:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV), including name, contact information, current position, education, honors, awards and publications.
  • Title and abstract (250 words) describing the applicant’s proposed research training/project in collaboration with the sponsor’s laboratory.
  • One page statement describing how the research training/collaboration in the sponsor’s laboratory will further her immediate and future research objectives.
  • Letter of support from your current advisor, mentor, or Chair
  • Letter of support from the PI of the sponsoring neurotrauma laboratory, which describes the proposed project, sponsor’s contribution to the Scholar’s training and duration of the training/collaborative research experience.
  • Application deadline April 15, 2023


AWARD: Up to $5,000. The award covers roundtrip airfare to the 2024 NNS meeting and sponsoring laboratory, registration, abstract fee, lodging and meals.

RECIPIENT: Female doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows or junior independent scientists (within 6 years of first faculty appointments) selected by WiNTR executive committee prior to the Annual Symposium.

ELIGIBILITY: Female member of NNS*, along with mentor and sponsoring laboratory.

  1. Applicant’s advisor (mentor or Chair) and their sponsor must be current International / National Neurotrauma Society (INTS/NNS)

  2. Applicant must be a female doctoral student, postdoctoral fellow, or junior independent scientist in neurotrauma research.

*WiNTR VISA awardees are not eligible for future WiNTR VISA awards.

*Only one application per trainee. Multiple trainees from the same mentor OR multiple applications to train with the same sponsor are acceptable.


  1. Attend the Annual National Neurotrauma Society Symposium as the TEAM Visiting International Scholar
  2. Provide a 3-5 minute oral presentation of current research project and the proposed benefits of international collaboration during the WiNTR Mentoring Program and Reception.
  3. Conduct hands-on, on-site training/collaborative research in the sponsor’s neurotrauma laboratory.
  4. Submit a brief report of the experience for the WiNTR newsletter.

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