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Michael Goldberger Award

This award was originally established to recognize excellence in behavioral neuroscience. Today, this award represents the top award in the trainee poster competition.

Michael E. Goldberger, PhD, was a pioneer experimentalist who helped establish that anatomical plasticity was a significant consequence of spinal cord injury, was correlated with, and is likely an important underlying mechanism responsible for, recovery of function after neurotrauma. His early work with Marion Murray, PhD (a life-long collaborator), validated the pioneering studies of Liu and Chambers, and later demonstrated sprouting in a number of spinal cord sensory and motor systems after injury.

Dr. Goldberger’s unique contribution lay in his ability to devise sensitive tech­niques to assess behavioral recovery, which could then be correlated with ana­tomical evidence for nerve regeneration. His seminal research papers revealed for the first time the capacity of central nervous system axons to sprout or grow into an adjacent denervated area. His work led to promi­sing research on the use of growth factors and fetal transplants to restore function. Dr. Goldberger focused on the nature of behavioral recovery and was a mentor to many well-known investigators studying plasticity and recovery after spinal cord injury.

award details

AWARD: $500.00 and engraved art glass trophy presented at the annual Symposium

RECIPIENT: Top (1) ranked trainee poster presentation at Annual Symposium

HOW APPLY: Included in Trainee Poster Competition

ELIGIBILITY: Abstract selected as top ranked amongst those submitted for the annual symposium


Natalie Jenkins, 2023

Hannah Williams, 2022
Britahny Baskin, 2021
John Arena, 2019
Kimberly Mendoza, 2018
Christopher Ahuja, 2017
Jenna VanRooyen, 2016
Jessica Nielson, 2015
Jean-Pierre Dolle, 2014
Emily Schwartz, 2013
Theresa Currier Thomas, 2012
Michelle Theus, 2011
Jiaqiong Wang, 2010
 Joshua Bell, 2009
 Eugene Park, 2008
 Adam Ferguson, 2007
 Jing Zhao, 2006
Jonathan Lifshitz,2005
Eugene Park, 2004
Jonathan Lifshitz, 2003
Dana McTigue, 1999
James Stone, 1998
Philip Popovich, 1997
Dorothy Kozlowski, 1995

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