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National Neurotrauma Society – Nomination Committee Nomination Process

    1.       Nomination Committee membership (1 year term)
      a.       Chair: Past President
      b.       Members: 3 other council members                                              
      i.      Other council members are selected based on their roles in the society and chosen to ensure range of seniority and research interests (TBI/SCI, clinical/preclinical). 

        2.       Nomination solicitation

          a.       Nominations are solicited from the committee and from the NNS membership, with a 2 week window for collection by society membership and delivery to the committee for review in early April.
          b.       Nominations can be made by anyone in the NNS membership, including the nominee.
          c.       Nominees must be an active standard member of NNS.

          3.      Nominee selection

            a.       The nomination committee reviews the nominations for selection to the ballot.
            b.       Criteria used to select ballot candidates:
              i.      Total number of nominations from any source (committee, membership)
              ii.      Previous service on NNS council or in an officer position or on any NNS committee as a member or volunteer.
              iii.      Balance of the ballot and current NNS council for:
                1.       Gender
                2.       Institution
                3.       Seniority
                4.       Research focus
                5.       Ethnic and racial representation
                c.       At least 2 candidates are selected in each of the following officer positions:
                  i.      President-elect
                  ii.      Vice-President-elect
                  iii.      Secretary-elect
                  iv.    Treasurer-elect
                  v.  Training and Diversity Director-Elect

                  d.       At least 2 candidates for each open Councilor seat

                    e.      All nominations received by the Nomination Committee are carefully considered and ranked according to the criteria described above.  All efforts are made to make the selection of candidates for the ballot fair, balanced and transparent to the NNS membership.

                    4.       Nominee confirmation

                    a.       Once all nominations are ranked according to the criteria described above, the top 2 – 3 (depending on office or councilor position) will be contacted for willingness to serve.
                    b.       Ballots are confirmed by the NNS President and Secretary. Nominations must be received by the Secretary at least 60 days before the annual meeting.
                    c.       Finalized ballots are then distributed to all NNS members for voting at least 30 days prior to the annual NNS Symposium.

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