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WiNTR RESEARCH AWARDTraining, Education and Mentoring

Awarded annually by TEAM Neurotrauma (Training, Education and Mentoring) to ensure recognition of research accomplishments of female trainees in Neurotrauma. This award promotes the mission of TEAM to promote international gender equality in neurotrauma research through mentoring and networking activities. This award recognizes the top ranked trainee poster presentation, by a female, after the Goldberger and Goldstein Awards.


AWARD: $500.00 and engraved art glass trophy presented at the annual Symposium

RECIPIENT: Top ranked female trainee poster presentation at Annual Symposium after the Goldberger and Goldstein awards

ELIGIBILITY: Abstract selected as top ranked amongst those submitted for the annual symposium

HOW APPLY: Included in the Trainee Poster Competition


Zoe Bassett, 2023
Taylor Zuidema, 2022

Claire Werner, 2021
Rebecca Henry,2019
Anna Marie Dulaney, 2018
Stephanie Lee, 2017
Nicole Wilson, 2016
Sarah Ogle, 2015
Meghan Blaya, 2014
Patricia Washington, 2013
Julie Chan, 2012
Daya Alexander, 2011
Michelle Theus, 2010
Bridgette Semple, 2009
Pamela Harvey, 2008
Pamela Harvey, 2007
Kristy Kigerl, 2005
Brenda Bartnik, 2004
Pamela Callaghan, 2003
Brenda Bartnik, 2002
Gwen Schwartz, 2001
Fiona White, 2000
Kimberly Statler, 1999
Helen Bramlett, 1998

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