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All trainee submissions are eligible to be considered for the Trainee Poster Competition. A total of 3-5 independent judges are assigned to review and score each trainee submission. The Top 20 highest-scoring trainee abstract submissions will be featured as the finalists in the Poster Competition and featured as speaker in the second Data Blitz session.

All Poster Competition finalists will be judged during a session on Monday. In the event of a tie, judges will refer to the original abstract scores for the tiebreaker. All judges decisions are final. All poster finalists are requred to attend the Awards Ceremony, where they will be presented with a certificate of recognition and finalist trophy. The top six highest scoring finalists will each receive one of the NNS Trainee Poster Competition Awards.

These awards recognize trainees who demonstrate scientific merit in research. A limited number of awards will be given to those trainees demonstrating merit and financial need.  Any trainee that has not received a Trainee Award from NNS in the past 2 years may apply.

Eligibility Requirements for NNS Trainee Awards:

  1. Any trainee that has not received a trainee award from NNS in the past 2 years may apply.

  2. Applicants do not need to be a member of the NNS or AANS/CNS.

  3. Applicants must be first (presenting) author of a submitted abstract.

  4. There is no limit on the number of applications from one lab, however, no more than one award will be awarded to any one lab.

  5. A trainee is defined as: an undergraduate student, graduate student / nurse or medical student, postdoctoral fellow or medical resident.


You must register for the NNS annual symposium and submit an abstract in order to apply for a Trainee Poster Award. Should your abstract not be accepted, a refund for your registration fee may be requested.

Step one: Register for NNS 2023.

Step two: Once your registration is complete, you will receive a link to submit an abstract via the registration confirmation email. Through the abstract submission portal you may apply for a Trainee Poster Award. Submission deadline is March 3, 2023. 



NNS Dr. Xiao-Ming Xu Diversity Memorial Award 

In honor of Dr. Xiao-Ming Xu, a world-renowned neuroscientist in the field of spinal cord regenerative medicine, NNS 2023 will announce the inaugural “NNS Xiao-Ming Xu Diversity Memorial Award”.  This award, funded by NNS and the Chinese Neurotrauma Scholars Association, is in recognition of Dr. Xu’s commitment to advocacy and mentoring of underrepresented trainees, including undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who continue to follow in his footsteps by forging new pathways of discovery in this challenging field. 

The Mission of CNSA is to promote communication, research, development, collaboration, support, and the availability of information on neurotrauma and other related topics among Chinese scholars and others internationally. CNSA organizes scientific symposium and webinars, interacts among the CNSA members via social media and other in-person social events, and publishes the CNSA Newsletter to provide resources for neurotrauma research.

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