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The National Neurotrauma Society named this award in honor of Dr. Marmarou in 2010.

"Absence of proof is not proof of absence"

Dr. Marmarou was a thought leader in the field of Neurotrauma, in which his scientific exploration of intracranial pressure dynamics in traumatic brain injury changed the clinical management of injury. Well known for his commitment to research on TBI and Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, Dr. Marmarou was considered a world authority on fluid dynamics within the brain and spinal cord. His tireless efforts to communicate the results of his scientific studies on the global front earned him an international reputation as an outstanding scholar and scientist.

Dr. Marmarou has been honored for his work by Brazilian, English, French, German, Greek, Japanese, and Turkish Neurosurgical Societies. In particular, his collaborative efforts with Dr. Katsuji Shima, Chairman of Neurosurgery of the National Defense Institute in Japan established global standards for the care and management of intracranial pressure following TBI.

Prior to 2010, this award was known as the National Neurotrauma Society Award.

award details

AWARD: $500.00 and engraved art glass trophy presented at the annual Symposium

HOW APPLY: HOW APPLY: This award is presented annually by the National Neurotrauma Society as part of the abstract competition. The submission process can be found at Trainee Poster Award.


Jonathan Birabaharan, 2023
Melissa DiFabio, 2022
Marina Levochkina, 2021
Yueqiang Fu, 2019
Kathryn Wofford, 2018
Ahmed Alshareef, 2017
Kristina Witcher, 2016
James Hong, 2015
Emily Swartz, 2014
Tyler Demarest, 2013
Andrea Mountney, 2012
 Kendall Walker, 2011
Patrick Alford, 2010
Yevgenia Miranova, 2009
Laura Sundberg, 2008
Samir Patel, 2007
 D. Kacy Cullen, 2006
Diana Cittely, 2005

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