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Alan Faden Award

Dr. Faden is one of the founding members of the National Neurotrauma Society and has mentored numerous students, residents, and fellows at both the pre-doctoral and post-doctoral level.

This award signifies the profound commitment that Dr. Faden has shown toward the support and development of new researchers in the field of neural injury.

Miriam Aceves re

Alan Faden Biography

The intent of the award is to encourage new researchers to enter the field of neurotrauma research, perhaps focusing on the neurobiology of Neurotrauma as Dr. Faden has done. This award was established by a generous donation from one of Dr. Faden’s former students, Rohit Bakshi, MD, and the Bakshi family.

Today, this award represents the fourth best award in the trainee poster competition.

Miriam Aceves re
Miriam Aceves,
Texas A&M; Health Center,
2016 award winner



Award Amount:

$500.00 and engraved art glass trophy. The award will be supported through the initial donation for 20 years (based on expenditure of $500 per year).

Targeted Recipients:

Next ranked poster presentation at Annual Symposium, after Goldberger, Goldstein and WiNTR awards


Abstract selected as top ranked amongst those submitted for the annual symposium

How to Apply:

N/A. Inclusive of Trainee Poster Competition

Administrative Structure:

The funds are administered by the National Neurotrauma Society

Source of Funding:

The Bakshi family, represented by Rohit Bakshi, MD, made a personal donation of $10,000 to the National Neurotrauma Society, which was placed into an escrow account to establish this award. Interest obtained on the principal combined with the principal should ensure that the award will be maintained for a minimum of 20 years. Dr. Bakshi plans to continue the award in the future through his family's future donations and those of Dr. Faden and other trainees who will become aware of the award fund.


2019 Ali Izaddi, University of California, Davis

2017 Ryan Hirschi
2016 Miriam Aceves, Texas A&M; Health Center
2015 Naima Lajud Avila
2014 Starlyn Okada
2013 Jenna Ziebell
2012 Andrea Mountney
2011 Tapan Patel
2010 Joseph Loverde
2009 Lamin Han Mbye
2008 Sakina Thawer
2007 Joshua Bell
2006 Diana CIttely
2005 Gene Gurkoff

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