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NNS Honorary Award

This annual award can be presented at the Annual Symposium to an individual in recognition of their contributions to the field of Neurotrauma.


The award recognizes efforts and accomplishments in the areas of public awareness, promotion, research and education. This Honorary Award is the highest honor that NNS bestows on an individual. Nominations are solicited by the NNS Awards Committee from the entire membership. Nominees do not have to be a member of NNS and can come from the general public.

This may or may not be linked to the program as part of the patient perspective or keynote talk, as examples.


Nomination criteria:

The person nominating would choose the nomination category from the following list. Each year, the award can have a different emphasis. An award may not necessarily be named every year.

Advocate / Champion: Promoting Neurotrauma awareness on a national or international level

Researcher: Making significant advancements in knowledge/research

Service: Contributing to dramatic improvements in quality of life for individuals suffering Neurotrauma

Policy / Visionary: Providing excellence in Neurotrauma promotion programs, projects or policies

Educator: Actively teaching, training, and/or being involved in ongoing outreach activities to promote the understanding of Neurotrauma

Award Amount:

A plaque, certificate or check would be awarded depending on the budget and sponsorship.

Source of Funding:

National Neurotrauma Society

Targeted Recipients:

An individual in recognition of his/her contributions to the field of Neurotrauma



How to Apply:

Nominations are submitted to the Awards Committee of the National Neurotrauma Society

Administrative Structure:

Administered by the Society

2021 John Povlishock - NNS Honorary Award
2020 Donald Stein - NNS Honorary Award
2016 David Hovda - NNS Service Award
2015 Ramona Hicks - NNS Service Award
2014 Scott Hamilton, Roman Reed & Kevin Pearse - NNS Advocate Awards
2007 Helen Bramlett & David Hovda - WINTR Service Award
2005 David Graham - NNS Service Award
2003 Donald Becker - NNS Service Award

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