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Ask An Expert


Wouldn't you just LOVE to have an expert at your fingertips every time you have an important question? 

Well guess what?  Now you can!

We know that trainees have lots of questions and uncertainties.  Sometimes it's uncomfortable to ask a question of individuals in your own group, or department. Sometimes you just want multiple, educated opinions about a major decision with which you're wrestling.  Sometimes, there are individuals you would like to talk to, but just couldn't get time at the annual meeting.

A new initiative from TEAM Neuroscience (Training, Education and Mentoring) called "Ask An Expert" is designed to meet these needs. It will be a resource for junior members of the Society who are in need of expert advice in the field. Thanks to the generosity of our talented senior membership, who gave their collective blessing at this year's meeting, we are now constructing a password-protected, online database of research and clinical faculty who will be participants of the pilot project.  Junior Society members can select an expert by topic, email them directly to set up a time to talk, and then confer with them by phone for an agreed amount of time, or use any means of communication, e.g. email, text, phone.  We know our junior members will be respectful of the senior researchers' time and generosity and we know our senior researchers will be forthright and thorough in their discussions, to best contribute to our society members' needs and the professional development of our trainees.

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When you renew your membership, be sure to check off what areas of expertise you are willing to provide and that will be 
entered into the membership database and searchable by members only.