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TEAM Mentor:Mentee Program


This initiative facilitates networking between individuals who can provide experience-based advice, sound boarding, and perspective. The program is available to all NNS members to support their professional advancement. The program is a year-long opportunity to engage with a mentor and/or as a mentor, with the NNS conference as a focal point. Due to the national nature of our organization, our mentor/mentee pool will be from various research institutions and backgrounds.


Mentors and mentees are self-identified as wanting to promote inclusivity in the NNS community. Matches will be based on your responses in the application. TEAM cannot predict the pool of mentors and mentees - and will match to the best of their ability.

            Program Requirements:  

  • Orientation (introductions, guidelines and expectations, Q&A)
  • Quarterly 30-minute individual meetings with a mentor (phone, online platform, in-person, etc)
  • TEAM Event for NNS
  • Follow-up survey (Suggestions on how to improve the quality and sustainability of the program are critical)


  • NNS conference orientation (1st day) (30 min introductions and networking)
  • TEAM sponsored webinar
  • Follow-up discussion from TEAM webinars

Applicants – TEAM supports clinical-academic-industry and multilevel mentorship. Participants with various degrees and backgrounds are encouraged to participate, including but not limited to: Trainees (masters/graduate students, undergraduates, high school, residents, postdoctoral & clinical fellows), Junior faculty (Instructor, Assistant Professor),

Senior faculty (Associate and full Professor), Physicians (MD), Physician scientists (MD/PhD), Clinical scientists (Nurses/Clinical PhD), and Industry

Application process

Fill out the application HERE  (should take ~5min).

Due date: May 03, 2021

Notification: Successful applicants will be notified by June 04, 2021; before the NNS meeting